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Local Attractions and Things to Do
Local Attractions and Things to Do
in Cheshire


Macclesfield Town Hall

Macclesfield is famous for its once thriving silk industry, commemorated in the Silk Museum.

There are various reasons why the silk industry flourished in Macclesfield but it all began with a cottage industry making buttons. Macclesfield buttons were initially covered with mohair or linen. Spanish silk buttons were imported into this country in the Tudor times and were the height of fashion. Macclesfield soon began to cover its buttons in silk. There are a series of letters to the Mottershead family in Macclesfield which show that they were involved in making silk buttons in 1649.

As well as the Treacle Market, Macclesfield has a great variety of shops, restaurants and attractions including the Silk Heritage Centre. Nestled in the foothills of the Peaks, Macclesfield has lots to offer the visitor.